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Get Organized With Bin Boxes

Get Organized With Bin Boxes

Corrugated Bin Boxes are a smart, affordable way to get and stay organized- both for business and industrial use. Whether you need to organize work supplies, such as pens, staples, paper clips, fasteners, binder clips and ink cartridges, or hinges, drawer handles, doorway knobs, lag bolts, wall plates, Bin Boxes give you the ability to organize your objects in a logical, and effortless manner.

Depending on your shelf space, versatility is essential and Bin Boxes are available in an extensive selection of dimensions to fit your specific requirements.  Simplicity also contributes to saving time and improving performance.

Bin Boxes are made of strong corrugated board, are self-locking, and assemble in only seconds without the need for instruments, tape, glue or staples.  Available in both Open Top Bin Boxes and Stackable Bin Boxes, the slanted fronts permit for clear visibility and fast identification of the parts inside the box and allows for easy and legible marking or labeling.

When looking to organize your existing shelf space, measure your shelves and then decide which size boxes are appropriate for your available space. Your parts area will now be organized and labeled so anyone can find what they need. Click HERE to see our full selection of available sizes and styles. 

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