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Mailing Tubes: Choosing the Perfect Fit for Your Shipping Needs

Mailing Tubes: Choosing the Perfect Fit for Your Shipping Needs

In shipping, where protection and presentation are paramount, mailing tubes reign supreme. These cylindrical wonders offer a versatile and efficient solution for packaging various items. But with multiple types available, each tailored to specific needs, how do you choose the right one for your shipment? Let's unravel the mystery of mailing tubes and explore what goes best in each kind.

  1. Cardboard Mailing Tubes

Ideal for: Posters, artwork, documents, blueprints

They're perfect: Cardboard mailing tubes protect flat or rolled items such as posters, artwork, documents, and blueprints. Their rigid construction ensures that delicate contents remain flat and undamaged during transit. Additionally, they're lightweight, making them a cost-effective option for shipping more oversized items without adding unnecessary bulk.

  1. Plastic Mailing Tubes

Ideal for: Fabric, textiles, banners, decals

Why they're perfect: Plastic mailing tubes offer enhanced durability and moisture resistance, making them ideal for shipping fabric, textiles, banners, and decals. Unlike cardboard tubes, they provide waterproofing, ensuring that contents remain safe and dry even in adverse conditions. Their transparent design also allows for easy identification of contents, making them a practical choice for organizing and storing items.

  1. Kraft Mailing Tubes

Ideal for Posters, blueprints, delicate items

Why they're perfect: Kraft mailing tubes combine the strength of cardboard with a protective kraft paper exterior, offering an eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing packaging solution. They are particularly well-suited for shipping posters, blueprints, and delicate items requiring extra protection. The kraft paper exterior provides a rustic yet professional appearance, making them a popular choice for businesses looking to make a sustainable and stylish impression.

  1. Telescopic Mailing Tubes

Ideal for: Engineering drawings, architectural plans, telescopes

Why they're perfect: Telescopic mailing tubes are designed to expand and contract, allowing for the secure packaging of items of varying lengths. They are commonly used for shipping engineering drawings, architectural plans, and telescopes, providing a snug fit that prevents contents from shifting during transit. The telescopic design also allows for easy tube length adjustment, accommodating items of different sizes with minimal waste.

  1. Poster Mailing Tubes with End Caps

Ideal for: Posters, artwork, documents, maps

They're perfect: Poster mailing tubes with end caps offer a hassle-free solution for shipping posters, artwork, documents, and maps. End caps ensure secure closure and prevent contents from slipping out during transit. These tubes often come with adjustable lengths, allowing for customization to fit various sizes of posters or documents. With their user-friendly design and reliable protection, they are a popular choice for individuals and businesses.


Mailing tubes come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, each tailored to specific shipping needs. Whether you're sending posters, artwork, fabric, or engineering drawings, there's a mailing tube ideally suited to your requirements. By understanding the different types of mailing tubes available and what goes best in each kind, you can ensure that your shipments arrive safely and securely, ready to make a lasting impression.

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