Packing List Envelopes


Our packing list envelopes are sold in a variety of sizes and made with an extra strong adhesive to ensure it will bond securely to shipping boxes, mailing tubes, shipping envelopes, and more. These self-adhesive packing list envelopes are designed to stay securely in place while withstanding the normal wear and tear of shipping. Offered pre-printed with Packing List Enclosed, Invoice Enclosed, Clear, and more specialty applications.

Optimum Protection Provided By Packing List Envelopes For Your Documents The back loader design style keeps your packing list, invoices or other paperwork secure in transit while offering ultimate protection in weather and tamper resistance. When applied, your packing slip and/or invoice cannot be removed without cutting or destroying the envelope. Made from pressure sensitive polyethylene, they provide many benefits to warehouses, mailing rooms, postal centers, couriers, and more. Important documents are kept together and protected from dirt and moisture. Instead of placing these documents inside the package, your paperwork can be inspected in transit without opening the shipping container helping reduce pilferage or damage. Our packing list envelopes are made from 2.5 mil facing and 2.25 mil backing with 1 mil of adhesive on 50 lb. paper. All of our envelopes feature a specialty formulated aggressive water-based permanent adhesive which bonds instantly to your shipping container. Just peel off the backing, apply pressure and attached the envelope! The panel face style allows the contents or your paperwork to show through the envelope. This is ideal for allowing your customer's shipping address to show through the window thereby eliminating the need for an additional shipping address label. Preparing your packages for shipment just became simplified when your packing list doubles as an address label! The full face design keeps the contents of your paperwork hidden during shipment for security reasons. The clear style is available for all types of document shipping. To start shopping for packing list envelopes just click on one of the categories on this page.