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Find the Perfect Wholesale Wrapping Paper and Christmas Gift Wrap at our Online Store

You'll find Christmas gift wrap appropriate for anyone and everyone in the online shipping supplies store. We stock a large inventory of wholesale wrapping paper with all kinds of great designs. We stock wholesale gift wrap for all occasions. So whether you're celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah or anything else, you'll find the perfect set of Christmas gift wrap and other creative wholesale wrapping paper at

Our wholesale gift wrapping paper is designed and manufactured for many occasions as seen by the main categories listed above. The production process of gift wrapping paper is fairly simple. Paper, ink, finishes, and other materials in the design process are purchased from paper mills and ink producers. Independent artists are commissioned to design the creative gift wrap for Christmas wrapping paper, birthday, weddings, baby showers, and other special occasions. A computer file with the vectorized artwork from the design team is read by a special machine made to engrave the image onto a printing cylinder which is then made to fit on the printing press. The presses use rotogravure (a flexographic printing process). Rotogravure requires etched cylinders, while flexography uses rubber plates fitted to a rotating cylinder. The gravure printing is used to decorate wrapping paper.

The state-of-the-art printing equipment for the wholesale wrapping paper can apply up to six different colors simultaneously and add special finishes like foil, kraft, reversible designs, etc. As the paper emerges from the press, it is rolled onto large rolls and transferred to another part of the factory. Machines cut and wrap the gift wrapping paper in much smaller rolls for sale including 24" wide full-ream 833 foot rolls, half-ream 417 foot rolls and economical 100 foot cutter box rolls. Much of the holiday and Christmas gift wrap paper is bulk-packed in cartons for shipment to card shops, department stores, and other retail outlets; however, with our "no minimum order" policy we can ship as little as one roll of holiday and Christmas wrapping paper to any location.