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The Answer Is Clear- Cellophane Bags

The Answer Is Clear- Cellophane Bags

Make your product stand out to your customers with a unique crystal clear solution, which provides a beautiful finished look for your product- Cellophane Bags.

Cellophane bags are plastic bags made with a high clarity film. The cellophane plastic is crystal clear and therefore provides a beautiful display for your candy, food and other merchandise. Cellophane bags feel crisp and crinkly not soft like a normal sandwich bag.

Cellophane is non-porous, super-clear, non-stretching and generally stronger and more rigid than polyethylene, which is used to make your standard poly bag. Flat Cellophane Bags have a solid front with the film wrapping around to a center seam on the back.

Gusseted Cellophane Bags generally have a fold-over bottom with gussets that run up both sides of the bag providing square expandability for added content. The fold-over bottom provides added strength and since they square off at the bottom you are able to stand them up for display purposes.

The high clarity and great visibility provided by cellophane gives contents excellent consumer exposure. Cellophane bags are used with items ranging from stationary or greeting cards, gifts, candles, crafts, mugs and almost any food item. Meeting FDA/USDA specifications for usage with food products, cellophane bags provide a moisture barrier to keep your food items fresh.

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