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Aluminum Foil Tape- Versatile & Waterproof

Aluminum Foil Tape- Versatile & Waterproof

If you are looking for a versatile tape that offers waterproofing and air leak prevention, then Aluminum Foil Tape may be just the product you’re looking for.

Our Aluminum Foil Tape is coated in a strong acrylic adhesive with a 60# liner and is wound on a 3 inch fiber core. This tape has high reflectivity against heat and light, is weather proof, flame resistant and also resistant to chemicals and moisture. These attributes make it a go to product for the HVAC, construction and electrical fields of work.

Foil Tape is most commonly used in the HVAC because it will still adhere in both low temperatures and in high humidity. This type of tape works well at temperatures between –40 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

Another reason it is so useful is the strength. The tensile strength is 21 lbs. per inch of width. Foil tape with acrylic seals off vapors in fiberglass duct board or sheet metal ducts, which is another reason it is so commonly utilized in the HVAC field.

Despite the strength of this tape, it is very flexible and easy to use, which makes it a very useful product in business and in home improvement projects. Check out our Aluminum Foil Tape today!

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