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Our Customers Love Our Anti-Static Bubble Bags!

Our Customers Love Our Anti-Static Bubble Bags!

Sometimes our customers do even a better job of explaining how to use our products than we do. Today our blog post is from our customer Chrissy who talks about our Anti-Static Bubble Bags.

When I started selling stuff on eBay and even Craigslist, I had a lot to learn about shipping and mailing my merchandise to customers. One helpful thing I came across that is now a MUST with my products is to use anti-static bubble bags. I found them on, so I tried them out and was very happy with the price and with the fact that I didn’t have to leave the house to get them! I work from home, so this was a bonus for me!

The first and most important thing about these bags is that they do double duty. They protect and cushion my electronic products and also absorb shock that could ruin my items.

A second thing I like is that they come in pink instead of totally clear, so my customers know that I care about getting a working product to them. The pink is a universally known color for anti-static bubble material.

Anyhow, the bags come in various sizes and I use them for phones, mp3 players, tablets, etc. I also decided to use them with some non electronic stuff too that is “girly”, like perfume, scarves and makeup. These bags are inexpensive, easy to use for me and easy to open for my customers and I can even put my own personalized labels on the bags that I make on my computer.

So, while not a must for everyone, I care about the quality of my merchandise staying as it was leaving me to ship, so I go with these bubble bags every time!

Thanks for the great review Chrissy!  If you would like to see our full line of these Anti-Static Bubble Bags as well as other Bubble products, click HERE

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