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Storage and Handling Practices for Corrugated Boxes

Storage and Handling Practices for Corrugated Boxes

There are basic guidelines for the handling and storage of corrugated boxes and packaging.  When stored properly, your corrugated boxes are much more likely to be usable and able to protect the products inside from leakage, loss or damage.

Handling of Corrugated Boxes:

Because the “flute” in corrugated packaging provides much of the strength and cushioning, any damage caused to that flute prior to use (being crushed or torn) reduces how effective the packaging will be when used.  If the edges of the boxes are torn, bent or scuffed up, there is a risk that the boxes will not run on automatic packaging equipment. There are ways to avoid damage to your boxes. (See below.)

  •  Store corrugated boxes/packaging on flat, clean surface areas. If a pallet  is used, make sure all deck boards are in place and in good shape to ensure that the weight is distributed evenly.
  • Do not remove any twine, banding or other bundling products until the boxes are ready for use.
  • Box bundles should be stored in knocked down, flat form horizontally from the time of receipt until it is used. Do not ever stack or store boxes on end.
  • Do not place uneven weight on stored box bundles (sitting, standing, climbing on, etc.)
  • Be careful when handling bundles. There is the possibility of instability, especially when manufacturers have sealed joints or other areas of multiple thicknesses.
  • When moving packaging, left and set packaging down carefully. Do not use the material used to bundle your boxes as a handle to carry/transport the boxes.
  • Do not drag, drop or throw bundles and be careful of hitting the bundle against a hard surface.

 Precautionary Measures:

  •  Use flat dunnage to protect top/bottom of the bundles of boxes. Don’t place the boxes directly on the floor!
  • Make sure the height of the box bundles is considered “safe” by warehouse management practices.
  • Keep boxes stored inside at a regulated temperature.
  • Keep boxes away from outside doors that are left open or frequently used.
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