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Filling the Void with Newsprint, Air Pillows & Bubble Wrap

Filling the Void with Newsprint, Air Pillows & Bubble Wrap

With ongoing supply chain issues and shipping delays, it has never been more important than it is today to make sure that all your items are packed securely and safely for transport.

The easiest way to protect your shipments during shipping is to make sure that your products are packed tightly in the correct size Corrugated Shipping Box. The less empty space in the box, the less chance of your product arriving crushed or damaged. However, sometimes due to the configuration of the product or the availability of the correct sized box, this isn’t always possible. There are several different options available to help pad and fill up empty void space in your box, but here are a few products that can really cut down on returns and damage:

  1. Newsprint- Don't use old newspapers to fill the void of boxes this year. We offer clean, crisp newsprint sheets and rolls that can help keep your items safe and give that old-time high-class look upon arrival.
  2. Inflatable Packaging- Using air pillows can truly protect your items while providing a very lightweight solution. If there is a lot of space to fill, these can help cut down on shipping costs and returns. These are available pre-inflated or ones that you fill yourself with an Air Nozzle.
  3. Bubble Wrap- For more flexible void filling of packages, give Bubble Wrap a try. This is lightweight and a little easier to use when your items require more safety in problematic areas.

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