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Color Matching Matters For Corrugated Boxes

Color Matching Matters For Corrugated Boxes

Are you seeing a trend that you don't like from your customers? Sometimes only a customer review can tell you what you really need to know, and surprisingly box color can make a difference. There are a few industry standards we can share to help.

White Packaging such as a Corrugated Mailer or a box has more of a hygienic look. (It looks fresh) The medical, food, and health industries often prefer this look to the natural brown color on Kraft Corrugated Boxes, and you can see why.

Now a Natural Brown Corrugated Box or bag gives a mix of industrial and all-natural.  Depending on the product you are sending, the prospective client's perception may be better off with a natural brown box. 

As a general rule of thumb, it is ok to start off with the natural brown and shift into different colors when you know for sure it's the right move!

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