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Bubble Mailers- A Smart Choice For Shipping Small Products

Bubble Mailers- A Smart Choice For Shipping Small Products

Bubble Mailers are the most commonly used envelopes used by online stores and many other businesses as well.

There are numerous reasons that you would want to choose a bubble mailers over a regular shipping envelope. Besides the ability to easily use labels and stamps on the outside, these mailers also self seal and protect your items from the rain, snow, being bent or dented and they are much harder to rip than standard envelopes.  In fact, even if the outside did tear or rip, the bubble wrap inside would still need to tear as well before your product would experience damage.

There are many different sizes to accommodate many items, from small things such as coins, collectable cards, photos or jewelry all the way up to books, magazines, plaques, stuffed animals, CDs, DVDs, clothing or even toys.

To find out what size is best for your product, you can measure the width of your item and the thickness- add half an inch to that measurement. For the length, measure length of the item and the thickness and add 2 inches and you will know what you need in order to get the right size.

Choose from Kraft Paper Bubble Mailers, White Paper Bubble Mailers or White Poly Bubble Mailers. They all can be shipped via USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc., which also makes it less expensive to ship your products and increase your profit! So, if you do a lot of shipping, these are essential to have and you will find a variety of sizes and quantities on our website. 

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