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Wood Shipping Crates- When Corrugated Boxes Aren’t Strong Enough

Wood Shipping Crates- When Corrugated Boxes Aren’t Strong Enough

For many years now, corrugated boxes have been the go-to shipping method for getting goods from Point A to Point B.  They’re affordable, convenient, readily available and recyclable.  However, sometimes even the heaviest of corrugated boxes, Triple Wall, just aren’t strong enough.  That’s when it’s time to call in the big guns- Wood Shipping Crates.

Our Wood Shipping Crates permit up to a maximum weight of 132 lbs. (inners and substance) and up to a gross packaging weight of 235 lbs. – much stronger than any fiber box can accommodate.  They’re perfect for shipping internationally, general storage, trade show exhibits, inter-company shipments back and forth and much more. Perfect for any heavy-duty application

These incredibly strong boxes are constructed of ¼” thick UN plywood.  They ship flat with a liner bag included and are easy to assemble using only a screw driver. 

Available in 5 popular sizes. Click HERE for details and start protecting your heavy shipments today!

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