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Why Bubble Mailers Are Better

Why Bubble Mailers Are Better

I have to admit that my mailbox is getting stuffed with more packages and mailers this year than any other.  It is almost a universal truth that we are all ordering more online than we ever have.  Some things ring true to me when I receive items in a certain way, especially when it comes to bubbles mailers.

 It shows you care... When you need that clean look and presentation, sometimes a bubble mailer really is best.  One area that we have noticed is that extra value is added to the recipient when you use a padded bubble mailer.

Opening up a mailer used to feel almost cheap before e-commerce took over.  But now the added benefit of the padded mailer gives a higher perception of care from the sender.  

 Protection is Value... The best part of a bubble mailer from a business perspective is protection.  The added benefit of perceived value is great, but the item's actual value arriving safely is worth just as much. 

Being able to cut down on shipping weight and having your product arrive undamaged is excellent for the bottom line. Click the button below to see a selection of bubble mailers that may just give you that extra edge this quarter. 

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