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What To Do With All Those Online Shopping Boxes

What To Do With All Those Online Shopping Boxes

T-Rex's are making a comeback this year and our creative friends across the country are coming up with great ways to keep the family entertained when we are inside more these summer months.

It is just a hunch, but I am guessing you have felt the increase of cardboard boxes growing in your recycling or piling up in your garage. (I know I sure am, thanks Amazon) But there really are some fun things you can do with your extra supplies to keep the family entertained.

Shipping supplies are not all business!

Adventure-in-a-box has some fantastic projects that you can make out some of the extra supplies laying around.  These are actually pretty simple, and can make for a fun way to change up the weekend routine. And maybe, "fingers crossed" even give you a few minutes of peace when you are finished ;)

Or if your packaging items tend to be on the smaller size when shipped, you can always pick up a large moving box from for your next T-Rex! 

We also have markers, scissors and tape if you need to really bring out the details.  So when you are breaking down your next box for the recycling bin, maybe save one and see what fun you can have with it!

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