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What Is Freezer Paper & What Is It Used For?

What Is Freezer Paper & What Is It Used For?

What is Freezer Paper?  “Grease proof paper” or waxy finish on one side and the other side is normal heavy white paper. It is usually used to protect food from freezer burn.  However, seamstresses and quilters use it to make custom patterns and iron it on fabric.

Freezer Paper comes in both rolls and sheets, but how do you use it?  To package your food items to freeze.  Cut off a desired amount of paper and place your product in the middle make sure the waxy surface is on the inside, wrap like a present, and secure with freezer safe tape.  Write the contents of the package on the outside along with the date and will hold in your freezer for 6 months. 

People also use the freezer paper to make my custom patterns and stencils.  Place the waxy side down on my fabric and use an iron on a low setting (no steam).  Next, lightly iron over the pattern, then you can either cut, mark or paint the pattern or stencil.  Finally, gently peel off the paper, it is such a light adhesion that it will not leave any residue.  If you are painting over your stencil the waxy coating prevents the seeping of colors.

Freezer paper is an inexpensive tool to use for so many creative projects as well as packaging items for freezing.  Check out our selection of Freezer Paper Rolls & Sheets as well as other protective paper products today!

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