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What Can Bubble Wrap Do For You?

What Can Bubble Wrap Do For You?

Whether you are 5 years old or 95 years old, it can be hard to resist popping at least one bubble when it crosses your path!

Popping bubble wrap really is fun, and the best part is that this lovely invention has so many uses that help cut down on our customers’ bottom line -- which makes us really happy.

We have a few specific areas where our customers have found bubble wrap to be a big asset for their business and we would like to share them with you below.

It is Lightweight and Flexible

Being able to fill the gaps and cut down weight at the same time is the best way to cut down on shipping costs. Buying bubble wrap by the roll allows it to be very flexible in the application.  This means you can cut it to size AND fit the bubble wrap around those crazy corners that can be created inside of boxes.

Bubble Wrap protects and cuts down on annoying costs

We have all seen the viral videos of delivery drivers playing hot-potato with packages.  You also probably know having your items be safe and protected actually can reduce the damage inflicted, and give you better reviews from happy customers. It can also cut down on returns from customers. A true win-win-win. Depending on the items you are shipping, the low cost of bubble wrap can save a whole lot of lost sales!

So if you think bubble wrap may be the answer for your shipping situation check out our store supply at or call us to see if it is the right solution for your business needs.

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