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What Can Bubble Wrap Do For You?

What Can Bubble Wrap Do For You?

The more business changes the more it stays the same. With the increase in ecommerce we are shipping more than ever, but at the same continuing our best practice of looking for ways to provide the best service and cut down on costs for you.

One way to lower those returns or damaged goods is to add some additional layers or protection to your products.  We have found bubble wrap to have some fantastic benefits that far lower costs in the long run and increase customer service

So let's go over just a few things that Bubble Wrap does that gives us these benefits.  

1. It Insulates Against Impacts

This is the main reason people buy bubble wrap.  The goal is to keep what you are shipping nice and snug inside your box or bag and padded against the Bumpy Ride.  ( We have all seen the Post Office and FedEx version of, "package bowling").  Cutting down on damage to products lowers unhappy customers or family members and cuts down on returns or drama at the family reunion. 

2. Bubble Wrap is Lightweight

The joy of shipping with bubble wrap is that it is mostly air.  Air surrounded by super thin plastic is all that is used to protect your valuable cargo.  This added protection comes at a very low added cost when it comes to the shipping label if any!  It also can cut down on fuel costs of shipping taking in the big picture it makes shipping more Eco friendly! 

3. Bubble wrap is Inexpensive and Flexible

Buying bubble wrap in bulk is relatively inexpensive and can be cut to size.  This allows all the benefits and flexibility that it brings and allows the regular person or a major manufacturer the ability to use it with their shipping needs.  So the next time you are planning on shipping out something and want the inexpensive protection that bubble wrap gives check out our store to find the right amount for you. 

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