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The Secret Boxes That Are Incredible

The Secret Boxes That Are Incredible

With warmer weather around the corner, it actually seems like part two of the housing run in the real estate market.  That means, (You guessed it) everyone is going to probably be moving again. Or at least the other half of people you know!  

We know some special tips and tricks, and even some “Secret Boxes” that can take your moving experience from a headache to a pleasant workout!

Most people have had old boxes flex, tear, and shift in my hands when helping move friends and family.  And we’ve seen more than a few pulled muscles and dropped boxes because of it...

Trust us- there is a better way. There is a hidden joy when using a new fresh moving box and storing your closet clothes without crushing everything.

Wardrobe boxes and fresh new moving boxes save broken items and pulled muscles. Check out our moving kits, and don't be afraid to gift them either... people will thank you for it, well, three months later when they finally unpack!

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