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Share the music the right way! Record Album Mailers.

Share the music the right way! Record Album Mailers.



The year, 2020, marks the first year in more than a generation since record sales — that is to say physical vinyl records — have surpassed CD sales.

With the constant development of technology, the way we use music in our everyday routine has evolved as well. When was the last time you bought or played a CD? Now even cars and laptops are coming to the markets without a CD-Drive, everything is replaced with a digital APP, simply press a button and the biggest music library ever is at your fingertips to reach.

But, when we talk about records they have this “romantic” feeling… when you sit down and enjoy a music album the sound of Vinyl hits you different, the satisfying sensation of opening the album jacket, seeing the fantastic artwork and studying the liner notes while listening to the music, is an experience that the digital files will not be able to replace.

Now days with the internet we can link and communicate straight to your favorite artist, check dates, stories and the most important… buy their official merch.

But when you buy a record online how do you want to receive it? Intact or broken into pieces?

How to proper pack such a fragile piece of art to be send out on a journey to be punished and thrown in a delivery truck, bouncing around more than a pinball on a miles away trip?

The solution is simple: record album mailers, they are made of a sturdy cardboard, with different depth for bubble wrap cushion, with separation inserts for extra protection, perfect to ship one record or a collection of albums in one pack.

Make sure your Vinyl Albums are protected and reach their destination undamaged, share the music the right way!

Check our record album mailers here:

Record album mailers.


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