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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With Eco-Friendly Packaging

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With Eco-Friendly Packaging

Of the many ways for your company to reduce their carbon footprint and project an environmentally friendly public image; choosing eco-friendly packaging is one of the easiest ways to make a big impact.

For instance Corrugated Boxes made from corrugated paperboard, which is easily recycled. However, since corrugated boxes are relatively sturdy, they can often be used multiple times. Once you have gotten all of your use out of the boxes, they can be sent back to the paper mill who will integrate the used material back into their manufacturing process and make new boxes.

Another eco-friendly packaging option is Kraft Paper, which is most commonly used as a void-fill. This paper can be easily recycled along with any other paper products your company may use.

If your company has a need for some type of cushioning to package fragile items, good news- bubble wrap can also be recycled. Bubble Wrap is made from polythene, the same plastic used to make grocery bags, making it one of the most commonly recycled plastics.

Another option for cushioning your product is packing peanuts. Standard white Styrofoam Packing Peanuts may not be earth friendly however, there are two variations of the packing peanut that are made from environmentally friendly materials. There are packing peanuts made from recycled polystyrene. Better yet there are biodegradable packing peanuts, which are made from a cornstarch base and dissolve in water.

These are just some of the small steps you can take to help reduce waste, save money and make a big difference.


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