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Poly Tubing- What Is It & How Is It Used?

Poly Tubing- What Is It & How Is It Used?

Poly Tubing is a very useful product that many people don’t know much about. For people that package food and beverage products that require different sizes, poly tubing is the most economical way to go. Instead of having to purchase cases of multiple sized bags, the tubing allows you to convert bags to various lengths and you can choose from different MIL thicknesses depending on what you are using the bags for.  

All you really need to use this product is a dispenser that can be mounted to a wall, a desk, or wherever is needed and fits any size of tubing.

While poly tubing is great for food/beverages, it is also used in labs (there are no seams that could cause risk factors) and can also be found for use with electronics by getting the anti-static type. It is a versatile product, as you can choose to heat seal, staple or tape one or both ends, but you can also use the bag as a loose sleeve around a product.

Poly tubing is great for protecting against dust/dirt and moisture while also being lightweight but also strong and durable. As long as what you need to package is the same width, it is the most economical and least wasteful way to do so.

If you’re not familiar with poly tubing, check out this product category on our website to see if it might be right for your application.

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