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Poly Mailers - They're Not Just For Clothing Anymore

by Laura Hudec August 05, 2019

white poly mailers

The poly envelope is the industry term for your standard plastic-mailing envelope, also referred to as poly mailers or mailing bags. Poly envelopes are most commonly used for mailing clothing articles but are also ideal for packaging other items that do not require any cushioning or padding i.e. pamphlets or magazines. They are manufactured from polyolefin, which is a very durable plastic that makes these mailers water-resistant and puncture proof. Poly envelopes are not to be confused with poly bubble mailers, which provide a bubble lining for cushioning. The standard poly envelope is simply an opaque plastic envelope, with a white outer surface and a silver interior lining. The self-seal lip and tape provides quick and easy closure. They generally have an aggressive adhesive, which not only prevents loss of product but also creates a tamper resistant closure. Poly mailers come in several sizes beginning as small as 6” x 9” for your smaller items and go up to 24” x 24” for your larger items, with several sizes in between. Poly envelopes are a great choice if you are mailing bulky items because the superior strength of the seams allow for over-stuffing. These mailers are also very light weight which is great for your bottom line!

Laura Hudec
Laura Hudec

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