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Knowing Your Needs Can Save the Bottom Line

Knowing Your Needs Can Save the Bottom Line

One of the lovely things about being in the packaging and supplies business for 20+ years is that we have helped solve numerous companies’ and individuals’ problems. 

If there is a question that is baffling your boardroom that is related to shipping and packaging, there is a good chance we can help solve it. 

Our Customer Service team would love to help you with any of your packaging issues and are frequently helping customers deal with questions surrounding quantity.

It all goes back to the time and motion studies that were created by our American Icon, Henry Ford. The study of human motion and time allowed the assembly line to be created and productivity to drastically change. 

We also suggest looking at packaging and shipping needs in the same way.  Understanding the actual quantity of items in use, then applying the most efficient method to package. When this is done properly you end up saving lots of time and money in the long run.  

The return on investment of breaking down each process is in figuring out how many rolls of tape are actually used per week, and how much bubble wrap per box, and how many boxes, etc… 

Calculating all the nitty gritty items can be a bit frustrating, but HOLD on the GOOD part is Coming!  Once there is a pretty close estimate for the quantities of items being used, then the fun part begins!  Being the office or warehouse hero and being able to cut down the bottom line is actually much cooler than all the work it took to get there.

So, in some cases, more is less when it comes to being able to buy the quantities of supplies for an extended amount of time.  In many cases the bottom line may start to shrink! 

Believe it or not, sometimes buying less of some items is actually the smarter move too, depending on the company's individual situation. That is why we offer many of our products in different quantities because here at we want to be able to help companies thrive in every situation! 

So check out our store or give us a call with any questions!
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