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How To Organize Your Warehouse With Bin Boxes

bin boxes

Corrugated bin boxes are an ideal way to organize and separate small parts. They come with an open top for easy visibility of the contents and are also available in a stackable variety if space is your main concern. Corrugated bin boxes come in a variety of sizes and are generally white on the outside and brown on the inside. The corrugated bin boxes are similar to the plastic bins often used for organization, but the corrugated are much more cost efficient. Most retailers that sell these boxes list the outer dimensions of the bins, this makes determining the size you need easy. If you have shelves that are 18” deep, your best bet is an 18” deep bin. This will maximize the storage space so you don’t have any empty space not being utilized behind the bin. They also come in variety of sizes. For smaller items you may want a bin that is    4” wide, however for larger items there are bins available up to 12” wide. They are very versatile, they can be used to store parts in a hardware store or CDs and DVDs at home. If you have a need to get organized you may want to consider using corrugated bin boxes.

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