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Give Your Items a Blanket

Give Your Items a Blanket

Fall is here!  This can mean for some companies and people that they need to make a change-up in how they are sending items.

One of the coolest things about the packaging industry is that it is always innovating, and Cool Shield Bubble Mailers have added a nice layer of protection for our clients.

The truth is that sometimes the weather can expand and contract a lot of different items.  Parts of items can simply expand in transit, and believe it or not, the temperature did it!

These Thermal Bubble Mailers were created to help regulate temperature and keep items safer in a myriad of climate conditions.   And they are still puncture and water-resistant as well. If you think your products may benefit from a blanket in the mail, click HERE to see our selection of sizes.  Also, check out our full line of Paper, Poly & Decorative Bubble Mailers.

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