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Get the Most Out of Your Warehouse

Get the Most Out of Your Warehouse

Today we want to do something a little bit different. We want to give you a few tips for using packaging supplies for your warehouse. Read on for our 3 quick tips…


1. Corrugated Boxes over Plastic

We go to great lengths to ensure our boxes are of the best quality and an absolute unbeatable price.   

Anyone can use metal or plastic over corrugated boxes for their warehouse, but they may be missing out. Organizing smaller items in a warehouse can be the difference between efficiency and missed deadlines.  We suggest organizing at a lower cost with corrugated boxes which is better than not organizing at all! 

Ordering a few bin boxes for a low price can help cut down on missing items and cut down on space that could be used more efficiently.  The ease of use and customization of corrugated boxes over plastic can make organizing much more simple and quick!


2. Maximizing Space

Most people will never measure the size of their shelves, but when you own a warehouse and every inch matters, then being precise is a big deal.  With our Bin Boxes we can get the exact size that will maximize every inch of your warehouse. 

The cost of getting custom corrugated boxes versus metal or plastic and being able to get them shipped within 1 day can be the difference between a headache and heart attack!  We suggest skipping both and placing a quick and easy order that fits your warehouse to a tee instead! 


3. Custom Takes Time, or Does It?

Getting a custom made shelving unit is a whole lot of work.  I am guessing you know that because you already have them! Now, getting a perfectly fitted bin can mean getting custom work done if you are going a plastic or a metal route.  

But if you need a quick, strong, and fast option, a corrugated box may be the right option for you.  Some of the biggest companies we know use corrugated boxes because they are inexpensive in comparison to the competition, and are flexible and fast! So before you make a custom complicated order, give our online store a look and see if we can offer a better solution!


Again, if you have any questions, our team is standing by to help. You can also reach out to us anytime on our website.

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