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Different Types of Gift Wrap

Different Types of Gift Wrap
Receiving gifts is one of five love languages, which means that the best way to make that person feel loved and appreciated is by making this thoughtful gesture. Of course, everyone loves a gift. It doesn’t have to cost much, as long as it’s an object you think someone would love. 
 Wrapping a present is part of the thoughtful gesture of giving it. Wrapping is fun and shouldn’t cause stress.
 For types of grift wrap paper we can classify them by:
·       Everyday: Stick to nonspecific patterns like polka dots that will work for anything.
·       Kid-Related: Go for fun colors and find coordinating bundles for multi-part gifts.
·       Holiday: Make sure your gifts won’t get lost in the gift pile with a novelty theme or color scheme for all your presents—everyone will know it’s from you.
·       Religious: Have a roll for each occasion, or play it safe with a simple shade of white.
·       Elegant: This is great to have on hand for tasteful gifts for grownups, such as your boss. You can buy these in coordinating colors for many options.

·       Paper: Optimum  for a classic wrap for a loved one.
·       Kraft: It’s a distant cousin of an extremely happy grocery bag, and this texture gives a present a homemade, rustic feel; plus, it is eco-friendly.
·       Metallic: When you want a little flash and a lot of taste, some restrained metallic wrapping paper makes your gift shine.
·       Metallic Glitter: This makes a gift extra, although it can be stiff to work with for beginners.
·       Foil: This combines the best of both worlds—paper backgrounds with metallic accents.

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