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Choosing the Correct Size Poly Bag

Choosing the Correct Size Poly Bag

If you are using industrial types of bags, it’s important that you understand the proper way to measure the bag.  Today we’ll take a look at several popular types of poly bags and explain how to measure each properly.

Gusseted Box Liner

The DEPTH is the shorter of the sides.  The Width of the bag= BOX WIDTH + 1 inch.  The Depth of the bag= BOX DEPTH + 1 inch.  The Length of the bag= BOX HEIGHT + BOX DEPTH + 6 inches (this covers contents and will allow you to tie the bag closed).

Gusseted Pallet Cover

The DEPTH is the shorter of the sides.  The Width of the cover= PALLET WIDTH + 1-2 inches.  The Depth of the cover= PALLET DEPTH + 1-2 inches.  The Length of the cover= PALLET HEIGHT + ½ PALLET DEPTH.

Reclosable Bags

It is important to first measure the length from the bottom of the reclosable bag all the way to the base of the reclosable seal.  Next, measure the width from side to side of the bag.  If you will be using the bag for a rigid product, add ½ inch to the width so that your product fits into the bag.  If you desire a looser fit for your product, just add ½ inch to 2 inches.

Layflat Container Liner

The Depth is the shorter of the sides.  The bag width is the container width + container depth + 6 inches (to ensure that it will cover contents and that bag will tie closed).

Layflat Round Container

The bag width = the container circumference divided by 2, + 1 inch (for a loose fit).  The Container circumference = diameter multiplied by 3.14.  The bag length = container height + container diameter + 5 inches (for overhang).

Slider Top Bags

The Length is measured from the bottom of the bag to the bottom of the slider closure.  The Width is measured from bag side to bag side.  Note that rigid items require an additional 1 and ½ inch added to the width of the bag.  Add ½ inch to 2 inches (for a looser fit).

When you use the correct bag size, you save money and you help the environment by using less material!

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