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Bubble Wrap 101

Bubble Wrap 101

Bubble wrap is an item that has been around for years and people have come up with many creative and unique uses for it over the years. From using it as a stress reliever to heating your swimming pool, bubble wrap has developed a multitude of diverse uses. How many times have you received a package that contained bubble wrap and moments later you’re mindlessly popping bubbles between your fingertips?

However, Bubble wrap was originally created to provide protection for the packaging of fragile items. It provides protection without the mess of packing peanuts or shredded paper products. It is the most commonly used product to protect items during the shipping process and because it's such a lightweight material the additional shipping cost you may incur for adding this to your packages is minimal.

Bubble wrap comes in an array of different widths, as small as 12” wide and as large as 48” wide. It also comes in three different height bubbles to accommodate your packaging needs. The three sizes are 3/16”, 5/16” and 1/2” bubble. The 3/16” bubble is ideal for protecting small, lightweight and fragile items such as knick-knacks and small electronic components. The 5/16” bubble wrap is classified for general use and works best for mid-size items that are not quite as fragile. The large 1/2” bubble is perfect for wrapping large, bulky items or to fill voids.

Whatever your application may be, there is a bubble wrap perfect for the job.

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