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Avoid Workplace Accidents

Avoid Workplace Accidents

In light of the current pandemic, businesses are being asked to do more work with less people.  This often leads to people rushing at a faster pace than usual to accomplish all they need to during their allotted work hours.  Particularly in factory and warehouse environments, it’s easy to forget common-sense safety tips during the fast pace of the “new normal” workday, so we have a few tips you may want to share with the warehouse to avoid those emergency med center runs!

One of the most commonly used tools in the workplace is a Utility Knife.  They are flat out useful, and if you keep one in your pocket no matter what your job is, you will find yourself putting it to use.  But with the influx of business coming from the holidays, we wanted to give a few safety tips.

Tip One

A sharp Utility Knife is a safe one.  The sharper the knife is, the less pressure you have to put on the box, tape, or stretch wrap when you are cutting through it. This means that you are more likely to not over cut and end up getting yourself or someone close to you.

Tip Two

It may seem like common sense but always cut away from yourself.  Let's face it, I have broken this rule a bunch when in the warehouse and even had some close calls. But when life is a numbers game, and things get busy, it never hurts to give a friendly reminder to the warehouse, letting them know you don't want to drive them to the closest med center. 

(Not official tip) But....  Insert your Favorite "Awful Music" you promise to put on in the car on the way over to the hospital as a nice incentive to not end up there.  Stay Safe!!

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