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A New Take On Moving

A New Take On Moving

Whether the housing market is great or it's a buyer’s/seller’s market, people are always moving. 

We all think we will never have to move again until.... (brother needs a truck, kids go to college, a friend is moving to town etc.).  So the more you move the wiser you get, and we have some nifty things to think about for the next move you may be a part of. 

We are a packaging supplies company, so you know we are going to say, "Buy More Boxes", but it is not for the reason you might think.  On more than one occasion, I have moved with old, used boxes or whatever we could find that had been laying around for years. 

Inevitably, the tape gave out on one or the whole box would bend  and the weight shifted and my back wasn’t very happy.  After I composed myself and grabbed some ibuprofen, I realized that I should have simply used better boxes and none of those, "fun times" would have happened. 

Another area to think about to ensure that your items and body arrive safe and sound, is to use the right box for the task. There actually are specific wardrobe boxes that are hanger-ready for your closet clothes.  Instead of pulling all the clothes off hangers, or tossing them in a box that will now never close, you could use a box that has a hanger attachment and protects them just the way they are on the journey! I know it sounds like overkill but we all have some clothes that are worth protecting.

The final tip, also the most unknown (and our favorite) is a moving kit.  What is a moving kit you say? This is a common question our customer service team gets and we LOVE IT!.  There are pre-made moving kits, with multiple sized extra strength boxes, extra strength tape, and a marker all in the $20 dollar range. 

So on your next moving adventure even if it's not you moving, a $20 dollar investment can be a gift for not only the movee, but the mover too.

Happy Packing!

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