Feedwheel Steel Strap Tensioner

1/Each | Item # H3RFT34

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  • For use with steel banding (all regular duty sizes) and open seals, our feedwheel tensioner banding tool is designed to tighten your banding for a secure load. Use this banding tool when you have a flat, level surface on your load to work on top of. (For a round or irregular load, use our pusher tensioner banding tool.)
  • Simple Instructions: Manually wrap our steel banding around your load; tighten the banding with our feedwheel tensioner tool (listed below); then apply an open seal; next crimp the seal with a double-notch sealer; and finally cut the excess banding with our strapping cutter.
  • See also our complete line of steel strapping supplies.


  • Feature Tools
  • Material Steel
  • Color Black